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ALEX FABRY, already well-known in Belgium for his multi-faceted art works, from the small to the super-sized, from jewellery to sculpture. His solo exhibition of 2012 in nearby Bruges, Belgium showcased his work in 10 places around the city, one of his largest pieces being purchased by the city itself.

Alex was selected to display his work at 'Ventura' (the Biennale Interior, Kortrijk). His work can be seen all around the world.

With his self-confessed and evidently successful hedonistic tendencies, Alex likes to work without restrictions, getting to wherever he desires in his work by whatever means he deems necessary; the decision making process is his alone.

His exclusive jewellery is made only for those who dare to be themselves. His belief that one's uniqueness should be reflected in the jewellery one wears means that Alex only ever makes one piece of each handmade design. In 2013 Alex prepared his move from Belgium to Bali. And now the energy of the Balinese vibe can be seen and felt in his very latest works.

Enjoy the journey...

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